new blog

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hey if anyone still reads this heres a link to my new blog, you’ll have to copy and paste it cause i can’t get the link to work, which is why i’m going back to blogger…..



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Here are a couple of photo’s from my trip to Kansas the last week of May…

All images taken with Nikon D200 and Sigma 10/20

hey folks

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Wow, it’s been awhile since i posted anything here. it’s hard to come up with stuff to write about most of the time, but I’ll try to get better.


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I’m in a creative slump, as an artist…blah. My day job allows me to be very creative in designing things people will cherish for a long time but I can’t come up with new ideas…. Same thing in photography, I just can’t see anything I want to shoot and when I do, I’m not capturing what I see in my mind when I set up the shot. Oh well, guess I’ll just quit…… NOT. I’m getting my lazy butt out of bed in the morning to go shoot for an hour or two before heading to work. If I don’t get what I want, I’ll try again and again and again until I break through this.

Hopefully it will happen soon……

are we smart enough to learn????

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This is really just a link to one of the most amazing photographers I know of….. Moose Peterson…..

I don’t personally know Moose (yet) but hope to go with the crew on a DLWS workshop one day. Anyway here is the link to a fantastic post he wrote on his blog. Read it!!!!!!!

follow up, dodge and burn

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This is a before and after to show what I mean about the dodge and burn tool in photoshop. It makes all the difference in the world to me…

This is opened in cs4 and run through silver effex pro where I adjusted brightness, contrast, and structure. It’s ok but we can do better….

Here is the image after dodging and burning, huge difference for me.

black and white tutorial

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Okay, so this is it….my black and white conversion,

First of all, I shoot in raw, always. When I open the file in lightroom I make sure the white balance is correct then adjust exposure, fill light, blacks and that kind of stuff, then I open in photoshop as a 16 bit tiff. Now it’s time for the fun stuff.

I sometimes but not always ,use nik’s tonal contrast plugin, then I open silver effex pro, usually I just use the default conversion but sometimes it’s fun to see what the other presets do. Now I adjust brightness, contrast, and structure right in silver effex pro. Then I usually play with the filter effects, I love the red  filter for skies. Now I click ok and let the program do it’s work.

The next step is dodging and burning, Now this a very important step to me that has to be done to taste. some people do very little but I do quite a bit. When you dodge and burn there are four things you want to be aware of, diameter, exposure, hardness, and range. The “diameter” is just how big the brush is. The “exposure” is the strength of the brush, this is pretty important. I set it to 5% and build up the effect. The “hardness” is obviously how hard or soft the brush edges are, I use a soft (0%) brush most of the time but sometimes you need a hard edge for detailed edges on things. And finally, the “range”  refers to the range of values you’re affecting, the highlights, midtones or shadows.

Now, normally first I dodge the midtones the I want brighter, and the highlights. Then I burn the midtones I want darker, and the shadows. While you do this be sure and watch the histogram because you can go beyond the edges pretty quick if you’re not paying attention. this creates a contrasty( is that a word) image with lots of pure blacks and whites that I love.

thanks for reading this even if you didn’t really care, lol,      Jeremy